Final photos from Josh

These are the last few photos we took in Bolivia before I returned home. Yoli will be taking more photos during this next week, but may not be able to post them until she is back in St. Louis. in the meantime, here you go:

Ludi has been using a bucket as a hat the last few days.

This is Marco, Corina’s husband. Since they got married, Marco has begun ministering to boys at El Jordán. He teaches leatherworking classes. But they want to do so much more. The problem is space and location. They really need a different place to hold boys’ classes where they could offer more messy stuff like welding or mechanics.

In this photo Marco is helping me with a pair of sandals. I bought these hand-made sandals last year in Bolivia and they are pretty good. But the velcro strips weren’t long enough, so I asked Marco if he could take off the velcro and move the strips farther down. He did it — in like 15 minutes!

Don Hector shows off his motorcycle …

… and his new car.

Jadzia plays with her abuelita Luci.