Laid-back Wednesday

Checking out the chicken’s feet.

We got a late start on Wednesday. For lunch Yoli bought a chicken and cooked it. Chickens here come with the feet attached, which fascinated the kids.

In the afternoon we visited Lucy’s house. She is in the same place she was during our last visit.

For the past several months, Doña Lucila has been living here most days of the week. She had some medical issues last year, and staying here where her daughters ensure she doesn’t work too hard has helped her recover well.

Yessy, Doña Lucila and Lucy work on lunch.

We spent lots of time talking, or rather she and Yoli talked; I offered occasional interjections. These days she and Juan work as debt collectors. He does the collecting, and she runs the office out of her home.

For a while Yoli and Ludi left us. They went to Don Hector’s so that Ludi could have a violin lesson from Yoli’s sister Eliza. Eliza rents a room from Don Hector to use as her studio for teaching lessons. During Yoli’s absence, I had to carry on the conversations with Lucy and Doña Lucila. It wasn’t easy, but I managed to make it through. I think I understood most of it, but it sure was tiring.

Meanwhile the kids did some visiting with Cuco who lives next door. Jadzia stuck with me, though she clearly wasn’t enjoying the long talks.

That night we ate pizza for dinner at Hot Burger. Afterward all three girls went to help with childcare at El Jordan for a special family conference they were holding. Some of the kids were reluctant to help, but we heard good reports on how they did.

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