Meeting Tio Efraín

Don Hector, Tio Efraín, Josue, Alcides and Yoli at the table. Tio Efraín brought a whole pig to Santa Cruz from his farm in Ipatí, which they cooked for lunch.

Saturday morning Yoli went with Josie to buy bread. Jadzia and Ludi were still sleeping on the other side of the city at their sleepover. Yoli had seen on WhatsApp that Tío Efraín, Doña Lucila’s half-brother, was in town and had brought a pig.

So Yoli, Josie, Joseph and I ate our breakfast. Closer to noon, Jadzia and Ludi arrived with their cousins Leya, Yessy and Rebeca. We gave them some bread to eat since they had not had breakfast yet. Then we started to do some cleanup in the big meeting space at Jericho. Abi’s quinceañera was scheduled to be held there later that night. We swept and mopped until we got word that the pig was cooked and we should come to Don Hector’s for a big family lunch.

It was neat to meet Tío Efraín, his wife Norma, their son Elí, and Elí’s cuñado Josue. He is a farmer who lives in the town of Ipatí. Tío Efraín reminded me a little of the late Tio Adonay. Quick with jokes, and lots of interesting stories and questions.

We also got to see Noemi’s husband Alcides for the first time in many years. He was just like always, although he has slimmed down since last I saw him.

The visiting was very enjoyable, but we didn’t have to wait long for the food. The chancho was absolutely delicious. Some of the best pork I ever had.

After lunch we continued talking. Josie, Joseph, and Ludi went to the back and began digging a large pit in the dirt, in which they hoped to build a sand castle.

Towards the end we were entertained by the antics of little Benjamin, the youngest grandchild. He and Alcides were shadow boxing to great laughs.

Eventually we had to ask the kids to fill in the pit and then we all returned to El Jordán so everyone could shower and prepare for the quinceañera.

Group photo.

Leya and Daniel after lunch.

Benjamin stood at the front gate calling “Mamá” over and over. And suddenly his mother Eliza pulled up in her car.

Joseph, Josie and Ludi dug a large pit in Don Hector’s back yard. They had intended to put a sand castle in it, but ran out of time.

Tio Efraín, Doña Lucila, and Yoli

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