Evo’s ascension

Yesterday Evo Morales was sworn in as Bolivia’s 66th president. We saw much of the ceremony on the TV of Alcides and Noemi from their house in Plan Tres Mil, a city close to Santa Cruz. Wow, Bolivian politicians can talk. The new vice president spoke forever, followed by Evo, then other dignitaries. Then they all spoke AGAIN. It dragged on for hours and hours, all covered by live TV.

In any case, this is a momentous event in Bolivia’s political history. I am bringing back some newspapers documenting the occasion.

Meanwhile, all the internet cafes we’ve used so far have AWFUL keyboards. I have to reype words 5 or 6 times because the keys don’t work. I hope we find a good one soon.

Jadzia is doing well… but everyone we meet says she should be wearing socks or pants and that she must be cold. In fact, she gets hot and her face flushes sometimes! 🙂

We’re here, it’s raining, and this internet cafe sucks

We arrived yesterday after a long flight. Jadzia did well on both legs of the flight and in the airports. We were surprised.

When we got to Bolivia, Yoli’s mom and two of her sisters were there to greet us. Unfortunately after such a long trip, I don’t think Jadzia was ready for anymore new people or things. She cried for a long time. We eventually calmed her down and were able to nap a few hours (neither of us got much sleep on the plane, unlike Jadzia).

Since then, Jadzia has done well. She’s met her grandparents, some aunts and uncles, and some cousins. I can tell the weather is a bit warm for her, but she’s doing well.

An interesting note: In the U.S. almost everyone would tell us how much Jadzia looked like Yoli. Here, it’s different. They all say how much she looks like ME! Go figure.

I would like to write more, but this internet cafe is really awful and I’ve already lost this entry once and had to re-write it. When we find a better cafe, I’ll post more. Anyway, we’re safe and sound. Hope you are, as well!

P.S. I am pretty dumb. I left both my computer’s power cable and the iPod’s firewire cable at home. I’m not sure yet if I’ll buy replacements (or be able to find them)