Finally — An update!

Last time I posted a message here was in February after my return to the U.S. from my 5-week trip to Bolivia.

Yoli and I, of course, are continuing to prepare for marriage. There are so many things to do. One recent hurdle we cleared was getting our fianc{e}e visa petition into the mail. We had almost all the materials ready, but I didn’t have money for the $110 fee.

It took several weeks, but finally everything worked out and I mailed the visa application on Mar. 21. We received our first “Notice of Action” from the BCIS (the government agency formerly known as INS) just a week later on Mar. 28.

We are both so excited about that, but we know we have a long road ahead. There will need to be an interview with the American Embassy, among other things. But I think we have a very strong case with good evidence as well as support from folks here in the States. Our continued prayer is that our visa will be processed quickly and without hitches. If you have a minute, Yoli and I would appreciate your agreement with us on this prayer request.

While we wait for the government to take action, we’re still busy. I am looking for full-time or part-time work, preferably at a newspaper. At the same time, I have been “self-employed” doing web design. Yoli is continuing her work as a secretary at Hebron Theological Seminary and has participated in several ministry opportunities recently. We’re both doing other pre-marital activities… counseling, making guest lists, making souvenirs, etc.

So that’s what we’re up to. I’m going to continue to update this site with news about our wedding preparations and the visa process. So please keep checking back.

P.S. – Feel free to email me any time. If you don’t have my address, just post a comment here and I will email you.

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  1. Hey Josh y Yoli! It looks like I checked back at just the right time. Congrats on getting the BCIS paperwork started. I still have to get used to that name. Anyway I hope all goes well and you will of course be in my prayers. I don’t have your email handy, so please send it to me sometime for future reference.

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