Photos: Hogar Nacer

Casa Hogar Nacer is a home in the country that helps boys who live on the streets of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Yoli has volunteered in the past at this home. I have visited it every time we’ve gone to Bolivia, and each time I go I find it more beautiful than before. This time I wanted to take some photos to show the beautiful landscaping and also to take photos of some of the boys who live there.

I said before that Hogar Nacer is even more beautiful that Santa Cruz’s present Botanical Gardens, and I still think it’s true.

We arrived shortly before lunch time, so we ate with Miguel, the director, and Ken, a volunteer. Afterward, I took this photo of some boys washing the dishes. The kids at Hogar Nacer each have responsibilities they must take care of every day.

These boys are preparing to bake some bread outside. It smelled AWESOME once they got it into the oven.

Last time we came to Hogar Nacer, they had two pigs. Now there are 40!

And of course those 40 pigs require a lot of feed each day.

These are some of the younger boys playing on their bunks in the dorm.

This boy is getting ready to do some digging for a landscaping project.

I found a few boys taking it easy during the afternoon in the metal shop.