Saying goodbye


Our last morning was spent having a late breakfast of bread with chocolate icing leftover from Yoli’s cake-making. Yoli’s friend Dora came over and together they practiced making apple pie. They baked two: one for us and one for her.

We had to figure out how much money we need to pay out guesthouse bills, the Bolivia exit tax, last meals, etc. Then Yoli took a last trip to the ATM.

On her way she found a nicer restaurant near the guesthouse and bought some feijoada and tallarín for lunch. Wish we had found it sooner! I guess we’ll file that away for next time.

We were way behind, so we headed out to Don Hector’s for a last mate. Doña Lucila made masaco and we brought the apple pie to share. We were just getting ready to leave when we received word that Eliza and a bunch of cousins were on their way over. So we stayed a bit longer. That’s usually how it goes.

We got home, began packing, put the kids to bed, kept packing, put the kids back in bed, washed dishes, put the kids back in bed, cleaned, showered and blogged. Then we lay down at last.

Our wake-up call comes at 2 a.m.









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  1. Have loved reading all your posts about your trip and your thoughts being in Bolivia. It brings back many memories and emotions for me, tho’ I only have been in Santa cruz a couple of times, it is similar to Cochabamba. It will be fun to visit about your time there when you get back. Your pictures are awesome as well. Thanks for sharing.

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